Wednesday, November 14, 2012

13 Things I've Fallen In Love With

I'm so materialistic. 
I'm not even going to deny it. I am absolutely, unforgivably, materialistic. 
But that doesn't matter. All of these things are worth being a little bit superficial over. 

1. Smoking Flats
It all started with a pair of oxfords. As you all probably know by now, they are the perfect blend of sneakers and flats. Soon, I became obsessed with them and could not bring myself to ever wear sneakers again.


So I have oxfords. But now I need a cross between those and flats. The solution? Smoking flats. They're classy and adorable and they must be on my feet.

2.  Cardigans in exciting colors 
So cardigans are examples of some of those things that I always end up wearing even if I don't mean to. It's just like- oh. Hmm, you were going to wear a cute top with an open back? Nope. You are tossing a cardigan on because they're cozy and cute. That's why I have cardigans in fun colors. Because I can pretend to be fashionable with bold color combinations, but that's all just me being deceitful. I want to be comfy. And so I'm going to put on the cardigan. Logic.

3.  Unique Earrings
So... A little background information. I used to have long, thick, nasty hair. And one day I decided to cut it all off. The era of earrings was born. You could actually find my ears without all that hair, and now I find myself rocking earrings that make some people ask if I'm trying to give myself gauges solely by weighing my ears down. Yep. Obsessed. These are cute, and the orange is lovely!

4. Pandora Internet Radio
I am too lazy to go out and new discover music. I really am. This is why Pandora is so beautiful- you really can find the best artists, just by knowing the music you already love. And it somehow knows exactly what you need to listen to. I don't know how it does that. It's supposed to be random and all... but it's wonderful. Really and truly. My favorite stations are Vivaldi, The Avett Brothers,Spoon,Billie Holliday, and Florence + The Machine. My favorites always end up changing.But they are always, always jammable.

5. Lip Stain
I love lipstick and gloss and all of those things that end up getting all over white shirts and the like. Unfortunately, both my supply of blouses and patience to reapply lip stuff is limited. So... Lip stain. Pretty much the best way to go. As far as I'm concerned. But as far as I'm concerned, I'm only one person. So maybe you should take what I say with a grain of salt. Maybe. But this stuff is still infinitely more fun than a barrel full of cats.

And less rambunctious, too. 

I'd imagine.

Not that I've ever experienced a cat barrel.

Really. I haven't.

Wait. Wait a minute. I think I got a bit off topic. Lip stain. Yes. So so so very useful.

6. Ginger 
I don't even know why I got myself started on Ginger. Definitely not a wise decision on my part. I love ginger so much. SO MUCH.

   a)It smells delicious
   b)It tastes delicious

...and, unless I'm horribly mistaken, there are really no other reasons to confirm your love for something. I put ginger in all my baked goods, and I have ginger perfume, and sometimes I contemplate hiring a professional photographer to take some black and white photos of some ginger root so I can get some huge prints to put on my wall. 

I think that's beyond obsession. What do you call that? I don't even know. I don't even care. But ginger is marvelous.

7.Infinity Scarves
I wear so many scarves. They're pretty much the best thing since sliced bread. No, really they are. THey keep our neck warm whilst incorporating texture and interest into an outfit. That's not just wonderful. That is like 17 different kinds of wonderful. And I love the infinity scarf trend, because sometimes the fringy little ends can be awkward. And also, with infinity scarves you have a little less of the "Dear lord, there's like 46 ways to tie this thing, What have I gotten myself into?" mentality. I love this Steve Madden scarf because it doesn't just have great colors- it also has chevron. Which is my favorite pattern by a lot. 

8.Sweater Tights
I rarely wear skirts or dresses without tights. And I wear a lot of skirts and dresses. That's all fine and dandy, but there is winter. And winter is cold. And coldness has the potential to throw a curveball at my blissful sans-pants existence. Hah! Hah at you winter. I have the solution, They are sweater tights. And they are cozy and nice and so pretty in jewel tones. Or any color, really. They really just reflect my refusal to put on a decent pair of pants. And at this point, I'm not entirely sure I own those...

9. Bad 90's Movies
Does this seem a little bit masochistic? Yes, probably. But hear me out. Good movies are fun and all, if you prefer an experience that will change your life and give you psychological ammo. (In which case, I recommend Desert Flower. As far as good movies go, that is a fantastic movie.) But... I'm not always up for stunning cinematography and plot lines. And, while I love romantic comedies, they exist solely on the promise of predictability. Enter the 90's. And the precious commodity of low-budget films. They're hilarious even when they don't want to be! If you want a bonding experience with someone, try to live through a terrible movie with them. Preferably of the 90's variety. To be found at a thrift store near you. Bring your fanny pack. 

10. Cut Copy
It doesn't matter what the season is. It doesn't matter what the year is. It doesn't matter if my hair is sticking up in ways only the hair of middle school boys should. I will always love Cut Copy. It's the same thing with some other artists, but for you,  Cut Copy, my love is eternal.

11. Scones
Of all my baking adventures, scones seem to be the things that infiltrate my life the most. There have been so many nights that I've made some scones and just stayed up far too late talking and drinking tea with people that are the most important to me. Once I got up at 5, baked copious amounts of scones, and delivered them on my bike to people unexpectedly. I don't kno why I find them so lovable. Perhaps it is their ample affinity for butter and jam. They are absolutely simple. And perfect. Most things in life could take a cue from scones. 

Sexiest instrument alive. Not even kidding.If someone tells me they play a cello, I may  instantly become smitten with them. 

Pretty much my reason for existence. And my freakishly ripped legs. I love bikes. Mine is named Nigel. The best times I've ever had have been on my bike. Because there are so many benefits- not paying for gas, parking spots consisting of anything you can put a chain on, getting a good workout, and the only carbon emissions are from your own respiration. Wear a helmet. Mine is yellow. 

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